Tantric Posture Yab Yum

yabyum-classica-tankaGoogle the word “tantra” under images, and it won’t take you too long to find an image of a God and Goddess sat in a special posture called “Yab-Yum”. Often a large Buddha-like man with a smaller Dakini woman sat in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. Not only is this a posture seen in ancient tantric artwork, but it is also something you will very likely experience before too long if you go to a Tantra workshop…you are often invited to sit in this pose with a partner.

But what is “Yab-Yum” and what’s it all about?

Yab-Yum is the symbol of divine union. It is the posture in which man and women are united between Heaven and Earth. Both genders are sat upright, a classic meditation posture. In many love-making postures, one of the couple are underneath the other. But in Yab-Yum, both are equally sat upright.

“Yab-Yum” is a Tibetan term meaning “father-mother”. In Tibetan Tantra it is about the union of Compassion and Truth/ Wisdom. In Indian Tantra it is about the masculine as a passive meditator with the feminine as a dancing shakti in his lap…pure awareness meeting pure energy. On a metaphysical level, Yab-Yum represents the union of dualistic forms in order to attain transcendence. In other words, when we bring apparent opposites together in love, we can enter a state beyond normal consciousness, a state of oneness or unity consciousness. A remembrance of who we are beyond name and form… This is the ultimate goal of Tantra.

The Yab-Yum Alignment
It has long been known by meditators that to sit in a vertical stance is to align one’s crown with the heavenly skies, and one’s root chakra on the earth below. This gives the meditator a sense of their place between Heaven and Earth. In Tantra, the Earth is the divine feminine force (mother earth) and the Heavens are the divine masculine force (father sky). Any seasoned meditator will tell you that meditating lying down is not the same as sitting upright. The enlightenment always happens in the vertical position…hence other statues of deities will most often be in a sitting pose.

So Yab-Yum, often thought of as a love-making posture, is actually the ultimate posture for tantric meditation for a couple.

yabyum-classicUse of Yab-Yum
A couple may sit in Yab-Yum and meditate upon the energy flow through their bodies. Not only can the Heaven-Earth polarity flow, but the couples’ own energy systems are aligned. Their chakras, or energy vortices, are connected.

Because it is about meditating upon energy, Yab-Yum can be used with clothes on and still be highly effective. However, some couples choose to use Yab Yum as part of love-making and meditation. The root chakras can actually be physically connected, with the lingam inside the yoni (that’s tantric-speak for “the penis inside the vagina”). Then the sexual connection is there and at the same time the couple are open all the way to the crown, enabling them to channel energy from sex to spirit.

A couple may go straight into Yab Yum and meditate there. But they can also enter this posture at the end of a love-making session. By using other sexual postures first, they can move more energy, and then come into Yab-Yum at the end to sublime the energies into more refined levels. The posture may be combined with other techniques such as tantric breathwork, sublimation techniques or meditation tools (learn these from a trained teacher).

The Paradox of Yab-Yum
Something that makes Yab-Yum very special is that it truly combines sex and spirit. It truly combines love making with meditation…thus Yab-Yum is the essence of Tantra. It is a symbol, it is a practice, it is the essence. Some choose to sit in this pose, others use a statue or image to contemplate or meditate upon.

It can be very powerful for modern day people to see Yab-Yum. With our world of over-stimulated sexual imagery, pornography and media, to witness union in peace and stillness can be an instant paradox to such a conditioned mind. If two fully-clothed people are sat in YabYum together, it is not explicit, nor illegal, it’s not graphic nor sordid….yet it is surprising, it is a paradox. People are so used to sex being a shadow, that to see it in its innocence and in a meditative light is a shock to the conditioned mind.

How to bring Yab-Yum into your life
You may want to get hold of an appealing Yab-Yum image to contemplate, or even a beautiful statue. Sit 10 to 20 minutes gazing upon the image and watch any energy that moves through your body. Breathe deeply to let the energy flow freely. Afterwards close your eyes and direct the energy up your spine to your crown and watch the energy accumulate at the crown.

If you have a partner, then perhaps suggest that you meditate in this pose. Simply sit in Yab-Yum, breathe deeply with open mouths. Breathe all the way down to the genitals, else energy cannot move. Close your eyes and watch any energy flow you can feel in your body. You can even speak it to one another “I am noticing a tingling feeling behind my pubic bone”, “I am noticing a warmth in my sacrum”, I am noticing a pulsation above the navel”…and so on. Try not to judge or label your sensations, but describe them directly, as if describing a flower to a blind man.

End the meditation with your foreheads touching, looking inwardly at the third eye point.

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Yoni Massage

About Yoni Massage

Yoni is the ancient sanskrit word for ‘vagina’.  It’s a word of honouring, translating as ‘source’ or ‘sacred cave’.  In Hinduism, the female genitalia was regarded as a divine symbol of sexual pleasure and matrix of generation and the visible form of the Goddess Shakti.  The yoni is the sacred gateway to our connection with the source of all life.  A woman in touch with the power of her yoni is a woman of Grace, Flow, Sensuality, Wisdom and Compassion.  Like a Goddess herself.

A yoni massage

takes place after a whole body sensual and energetically sexually arousing massage.  After a woman is relaxed, after her breasts and belly have been gently and sensually massaged, she may be ready for the yoni massage.  It’s always your choice and call as to whether or not you want the yoni massage and you would be asked by your tantric practitioner before she or he inserted a finger gently inside, for the yoni to invite further in.

The purpose of a yoni massage is not to arouse, although this can be a welcome side-effect, and in some cases, orgasm is the result.  It is likely to be energetically pleasurable, and for some woman, it is a new experience to have so much gentle attention applied to the yoni, resulting in new and interesting previously undiscovered sensations. You may even experience full body energetic orgasmic bliss.

The purpose of the yoni massage is really to heal.  Women store a lot of their trauma and unexpressed emotional pain in the walls of the vagina.  Over time, this can build up, resulting in loss of sensation, and maybe creating the lack of desire for sex.  The intention of the yoni massage is to gently de-armour the walls of the vagina through holding various points within, allowing it to become more responsive, soft, and receptive to self-pleasure and to love-making.   This process can also facilitate the release of old emotions and the resurfacing of memories, which can be safely moved through the body and released with sound and the expression of emotion.

A yoni massage connects a woman with her pelvic bowl, which is a really centred place to move through the world from.

Other  benefits of yoni massage

  • Help you lubricate and or learn how to ejaculate
  • Help you become more naturally orgasmic, or learn how to orgasm for the first time
  • Help you reconnect with your luscious feminine energy, your body, and your sexual life force energy
  • Help heal vaginismus (painful or impossible intercourse)

New Vancouver Tantra Goddess

Wonderful news Vancouver has a new goddess both in the Lower Mainland.

Tantra massage is a holistic ritual with elements of classic massage and tantra. During the massage you will encounter a variety of touches – for example, ablution with warm cloth, soft stroking and dynamic rubbing. You are being accompanied by pleasant music and scents throughout. The massage begins in a light shawl, which the masseuse will then slowly take off you. If you wish, the massage will include massage of the yoni or the lingam (the sanskrit words for female and male genitals). In a spiritual atmosphere you may regenerate and reacquire strength and joy of life. In stylish surroundings, all necessary hygienic equipment is included. You may also shower, and all necessary for the massage will be prepared for you.


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Temple Priestess – Tantric Dakini

The Kulasvari Temple Priestess is a mystery by nature. As one who embodies the divine, she projects her individuality, personality, and skill through her unique being.  Trained in tantric sensual arts, she is unashamed of her body or level of expertise. She is abundantly free and beautiful! The adornments, jewelry, and makeup only accent the light that radiates through her. She may be of service to many people but she is a Temple Priestess, however, because she is called to this work from within herself, her heart, and her spirit.

Temple Arts

Training in the temple arts, the Temple Priestess becomes a conduit for the sacred energy (kundalini) of Goddess, or the divine female. The Goddess she embodies is multifaceted.  As Tantrika, she draws attention to the senses to the point that mental activity takes back seat to experience, offering opportunities for initiates to experience a state of oneness with body, soul, and place.  As Muse she is an inspiring gust of fresh air one to embrace desires, needs, sensations, intuition, instincts, and dreams.


As Dakini, she teaches us to be intolerant of anything, which dishonors our spirit.  She works to assist us in becoming aware of false projections and negative imprints by creating sacred space in which all impurities, even those passed down through the generations may be heated up and melted away in the blazing fire of Shakti.

Boldness & Devotion

In the many spiritual lineages it is considered the greatest honor to be initiated into the Mysteries by a Temple Priestess. The responsibility certainly requires an expertise on the part of the woman, as well as the importance of her sacred role of infusing boldness and power into her partner, acting as an initiator. Through her training, transmission and devotion, she carries the sacred knowledge and power; and through her it is imparted to others.

The transmission of information can come from anyone, but initiation can come only from one that is skilled in the art of transferring the power on a subtle level to make the information effective. This training is crucial to her significant role as initiator, for it is she who ignites the spiritual fire, or Shakti.

Tradition of the Goddess

Working knowledge and inner tradition of the Goddess continues through the ancient spiritual practice of Tantra, honoring the female as a form of the Divine, and sensuality as a path to enlightenment. Their shared values are love, affection, genuine relationships, music, poetry, being in touch with nature, and the interconnectedness of life. Their truest, deepest values are those, which transcend the mind, and delve into the irrational world of feeling and the deeper layers of life.  This is one of the reasons the teachings of Tantra are so precious. They offer us a glimpse of a world with great reverence for sensuality, pleasure, and magic in the natural world, and ourselves as divine.

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Tantra Massage

The aim of Tantric massage is to achieve personal growth through pleasurable, physical touch. Traditional massage has become somewhat cold and impersonal and fails to treat the person as a whole. Tantra teaches you how to truly feel your body as it is being touched and aroused sexually, to be in the present moment, aroused and alive.

Tantra, in these traditions, is an ancient art, philosophy and science that teaches us how to transform sexual energy into a truly spiritual experience. Its origins date back some 5000 years to old Chinese and Indian Traditions. Tantra massage was one of the rituals taught in the Tantra’s ancient books of eroticism.

Tantric massages use essential oil, which is spread at body by special slow movement, which loosen energetic center in your body and lift up your mental condition. It heals, energizes and revitalizes the whole body.

Tantric Massage is a ritual of receiving sensual kundalini (sexual) energy. Whether a man or woman is receiving the massage, your entire body will be massaged, including certain sensual zones.

There is but one temple in the Universe, and that is the human body.

We touch heaven when we lay our hands on the human body. Today in the West Tantra has often com to mean Spiritual Sexuality or Sexual Spirituality.
Result of magic tantric massage is incommutable erotic experience and improvement your health, but it is also good cognition of own body and primarily, you learn how to take care about yourself!

Tantric massage is not for shallow sexual satisfaction, because this is even better!

The two people each have a job in a Tantric Massage. The receiver’s only job is to stay present to the touch that is being offered, and to breathe. This breath helps keep you in the present moment and also helps move the sexual kundalini energy through your whole body.

The giver can begin the massage with your lover lying on his or her belly, the most important thing is to touch more lightly and slowly than you are in the habit of doing. Begin the next stage of the massage with your hand resting in stillness on your partner’s heart. Bring your focus to the touch itself, and use the same circular breath that your partner is doing.

You want to touch your partner as if you are feeling a luxurious fur, and drinking in the sensations of how it feels to rub your hands along this fur. The sexual energy may rise and fall during the massage, but you will work your way around your partner’s whole body.

Whenever you catch yourself holding your breath, gently pause the massage and hold your hands still on your partner’s body.

When the massage comes to a conclusion offer a Namaste “The divine light in me salutes the divine light in you” by placing your hands in prayer on your heart, staying and cuddling and nibbling on the food you set out for yourselves after the massage is a perfect way to close the ritual.

If you would like to enjoy a Tantric massage, you should be learning to be a sexual being without going into fantasy or trancing out.
We can also expand the consciousness and reawaken the spiritual dimensions, dimensions that are difficult to connect with in the fast paced technological world we live in.
We can bring immense pleasure to another human being without the coldness of traditional therapy and outside the intimacies of sex. It is one of the most basic urges of the soul and is part of who and what we are. It is part of everybody.

Through religious constructs and attitudes passed down from generations, we have been conditioned to view sexuality as something perverse.

As a result we avoid touching the person’s whole being for fear that this practice be construed as potentially sexual. Yet sexuality is natural. In a safe, healing environment we can benefit immensely from sensitive, nurturing touch. When we let go of the sexual taboos and channel our sexual energy positively we can bring about healing.

It creates an environment in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy. The issue is that energetic massage loosens all your spiritual and bodily potential, which you can then use. They are spiritually connected and when life force energy flows freely through each one our consciousness is elevated and our spirituality is raised.

All living beings pulsate energy and in traditional Eastern philosophy humans possess seven energy centers, known as chakras s that span the spine from the crown chakra, located at the skull, to the root chakra, located at the perineum. In Tantra massage no body part or chakra is ignored, unless the client so wishes. It is the root chakra that represents sexual energy, or kundalini.

You will know each other better after our tantric massage at absolute darkness or after hugging and stroking therapy.
A professional Tantric Practitioner can help us rediscover our true sensuality. This is a group of female and male massage therapists trained in the fine art of Tantric Massage which is guaranteed to soothe you and give you the experience of a lifetime.For many years pleasurable, physical touch has been suppressed. We are taught that to touch near or around the erogenous areas is wrong and unprofessional. Those who practice hands on therapies are inevitably exposed to the same oppressive attitudes. But Tantra could be the most effective way to lifting up your physical and mental condition using very pleasant methods. Women can benefit from a deeper understanding of their sexuality and how to achieve orgasmic sensation.

It expands the consciousness and awakens the spiritual dimensions.
The aim is to raise life force energy to the highest possible in every moment. It is a combination of lovingly touching along with sensual and erotic massaging of your entire body including certain sensual areas that gently soothes the body along with its spiritual senses. It is a meditation, a dance and it time outside of time.

Through Tantric massage, we can reach our full potential and our lives can be greatly enriched with health, happiness and love.

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What to expect during a tantra session

Upon arrival of the sacred temple space, you’ll receive a loving greeting. Tantrikas will begin to open and relax you with a sensual foot rub while serving you tea. We will anoint you with essential oils to open your chakras so that you can open your body to fully receive. While getting to know one another we will do the Tantric practice of deep eye gazing to connect more fully.

Next the Tantrika will lovingly undress you during a disrobing ceremony. You will then be guided into a space of deep relaxation and honoring during your steamy hot aromatherapy bath– you will be completely pampered in the arms of the water Goddess. your bath, your newly invigorated body is gently dried with fluffy warm towels. As you’re immersed in a bath of warm water with essential oils, sea-salts and soft bubbles you’re gently bathed in the ancient style of sensual Bath Ceremony. The warm water and touch will begin melting away the stresses of your world and opening you. You’ll start feeling the connection and intimacy with your Tantrika.

After your bath, your newly invigorated body is gently dried with fluffy warm towels. Once you finish your bath you and your Tantrika(s) we’ll continue with Tantric intimacy and breath work. The Breath is key to opening the body and feeling energy flows for a multi orgasmic experience. Here there will be masculine/feminine flows and using body to body breath. During this breath session you may experience energy running thru your body, or you may have a woman sitting belly-to-belly, of yab-yum position while practicing deep eye-gazing with you.

Then, while relaxed on a comfortable divan, we will awaken your senses thru body and mind. You’ll be fed specialty treats while blind-folded–slipping into higher states of feeling and desire. You may be fed grapes, chocolates, tasty drippings, concoctions and aphrodisiacs. We’ll awaken your skin with feathers, nails and furs. Taking you further into bliss with feelings and smells of divine enticement. Watch one of the Tantrikas dance, listen to her sing the song of the divine feminine into your ear.

The ritual and meditative quality of a Tantra Sacred Touch. Your sensuality will be opened. As we move into the sensual-touch session, you will have the opportunity to experience your sensual energy–your body will be caressed and relaxed. Soft hands and adept fingers will move energy into every minute part of your being–into your head and temples, neck, shoulders, ever further-down to your most sensitive area. down to your most sensitive areas. Even your feet and toes will not escape attention.

We’ll take deep intimate breaths together; brining your body in complete surrender, so that your mind and body can fully release.The Tantric experience is a combination of therapeutic and erotic energy movement, as well as specific Tantric techniques. It is designed to clear any blockages in your body, due to emotional stress or physical tension, and open the body so that nothing is limiting your potential for more full body ecstasy session, given in a sacred space, allows the client to experience a connecting of his/her spiritually and sexuality.

Practitioners do not force their understanding of spirituality on anyone, but we do all work from a spiritual space within ourselves, no matter what our faith is. This in itself teaches the spiritual dimension of sexuality. During the massage, sexual energy is moved throughout the body, first and foremost towards the heart chakra, where it opens us to a greater love for oneself, all beings and to life in general.

Orgasm becomes a sacred experience of uniting with with the Divine – a very tangible feeling of being centered and whole – and a connectedness to the Divine, God, Existence, the Universe is the result.

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Red Lotus Tantra – Practitioners Calgary, Vancouver & Toronto

Red Lotus Temple of Tantra is happy to announce that we are training Tantra Goddesses in Vancouver in October and Toronto in November. Goddesses are hand picked for her inside and outside beauty, skills and personality. Each goddess will be unique and lovely with her own set of gifts that she brings into sessions. Red Lotus Tantra now has two practitioners available in Calgary , Sasha Rose and Shekina.

Red Lotus Tantra is offering a brand new training and advanced tantra practice to Canada. This cutting edge program will teach novice to advanced seekers a clearly outlined path to tantric practice.

Tantric Massage is an Ancient form of Sacred Touch that Harmoniously Unites Sexuality, Spirituality, Body & Mind

Authentic Tantric Practitioners offer this sacred art for healing & tantric initiation. Held within us all, is a limitless power that we have suppressed & left to lie mostly dormant in our genital area, used only for the primitive act of sex.

Yet this energy unleashes and unfolds so much more to who we are and what we can achieve…

Tantra is the philosophy and spiritual daily practice that aims to reunite us with our original source of LOVE. Through connecting to Shakti (feminine) or Shiva(masculine) qualities we become whole in uniting to the main source of energy in theUniverse (God).

The Tantric practitioner seeks to use the prana (divine power) that flows through the universe (including one’s own body) to attain cosmic union.This is accomplished only when we engage all of our senses in the arousal process and are completely unblocked from stress, worry, anxiety, blame, guilt, and shame.

Red Lotus sessions dive deep into the physical aspects of Tantra. In the 5 Elements Tantra Sequence you will experience the impact of living in direct contact with reality through the physical body.

Tantra Practitioner training & Mentorship

Vancouver  :: Spring 2014
Toronto :: Spring 2014 (suitable for Montreal, Ottawa Practitioners)
Embrace this exciting career path of sacred sexuality

Are you wanting to expand your healing potential and work with people in a more holistic and intimate manner?

Is tantra something you feel an affinity with or is the power of sexuality a force you have always known to be deeply healing?

Are you ready to become more grounded in your feminine sensuality and ability to show others the way to their own truth?

Learn the tools to create a life that is rich with spiritual connection, abundance and gratitude and become comfortable with the ever changing cycles that make a woman who she is – in all her beauty.

Training & mentoring is available to the right candidates and the Red Lotus Tantric Temple is committed to helping, supporting, training and developing every practitioner while he or she is with us. Learn more here

In love and light,

What Is Shamanic Tantra?

shamanic tantraLike traditional tantra, shamanic tantra is a path to enlightenment through the body, a spiritual practice that teaches us to be in the now and to open ourselves up to more bliss, joy, and connection to spirit by connecting our sexuality and our spirituality. Drawing from Wiccan, Druidic, and Shamanic roots, Shamanic tantra differs from traditional tantra in working extremely intuitively and in its strong connection to the earth. We have created the six gateways to sacred sexuality as an attempt to structure the work of shamanic tantra for teaching, but by its nature, shamanic tantra is fluid and guided through each person’s connection to the divine, and their sense of what is right for them.

What are the Six Gateways to Sacred Sexuality?

The journey to enlightenment can take many roads. The six gateways are a path that works for us. Red Lotus Tantra have intuitively created this road map for discovering the bliss that is created when we connect spirituality to sexuality. This is a practice that can be used alone or with a partner. These steps are not necessarily practiced in order. In fact, they seem to interweave and spiral with each other, spirals being a geometric pattern often used to describe earth-centered spirituality, where linear motion from point a to point b is rare.

The First Gateway: Connecting to Spirit

This is where we begin in shamanic tantra, in a belief that something greater than us is willing and able to connect with us and bring us healing. This is also where we end in shamanic tantra, so that the six gateways become a spiraling circle of practice, rather than a linear journey. Through our connection to spirit, we learn to connect not only to the divine, but to ourselves, and to see that we too are divine beings. We do this mostly through meditation, visualization, and trance journey, familiarizing ourselves with the feeling of spirit moving within us before moving forward.

The Second Gateway: Breathing Love

In both traditional and shamanic tantra, love is the key to everything. Opening our hearts and keeping them open is a foundational practice. Understand that this is different from being “in love” in the romantic sense. An open heart applies to everyone you meet in the world, and is the most profound state of joy and bliss imaginable when attained. The most powerful tool I have discovered for opening the heart and then keeping it open, is the breath. Daily practice of various breath techniques, as well as simply remembering to breathe through a painful or difficult emotion, is the first step to opening ourselves to bliss and joy. In consort practice, we learn to breathe together, synchronizing breath in an attempt to synchronize our energies.

The Third Gateway: Soul Gazing

Soul gazing is the process of looking deeply within and connecting, first with ourselves, and then with a partner. This practice is most easily begun alone, through insight meditation and then through mirror gazing. Once you are comfortable with these solo practices, then it is easier to move into gazing into the eyes of a partner to connect and allow them to see the divine essence within you.

The Fourth Gateway: Channeling the Dragon

The sexual life force energy that flows through the body has many names, but my favorite comes from the gaelic: ”nwyvre”, which means “dragon fire”. In shamanic tantra we learn to channel this fire and to move it throughout our bodies to create a state of intense aliveness. Part of this work specifically focuses on balancing and clearing blockages in the energy centers of the body, also called chakras in traditional tantra, which brings a greater openness to moving ecstatic energies through the body, as well as increased health and vitality.

The Fifth Gateway: The 16 Elements of Ecstasy

Astrologers believe that all of us are imprinted with clusters of elemental energies at the time of our birth. The 16 elements of ecstasy are the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water broken down into their light and dark, masculine and feminine components. We can commune with these elements that are both within us and all around us in nature through touch, movement, trance journey, visualization, and ceremony. The free flow of energy through the body and the creation of a feeling of connectedness to all that is depends on both elements and chakras being in harmony. Balancing and connecting to these energies allows us to lead more balanced and connected lives. The elements and the dragon energies are intertwined in the practice, and often a moving back and forth between the two is required for deep healing of emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual blocks.

The Sixth Gateway: Divine Union

In solo work, divine union describes a marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within the self, balancing our tendencies to be active, for instance, with our ability to receive, so that our inner masculine and feminine energies work together in harmony. Divine union also explores our connection with the natural world, with the life force energy in the spirits of the plants, the rocks, and the animals. In consort practice, divine union becomes the place where we merge completely with the god or goddess in our partner so that we no longer have the need for boundaries between us. This merging can only come after a sense of safety has been created through work with the previous five steps, where we learn to be strongly centered and balanced within our own energetic and emotional fields. The practice of divine union is the ultimate goal of shamanic tantra, to merge our life force energy with all that is, through the experience of the body.

Returning to the First Gateway: Re-connecting to Spirit

Once we have gone deeply into union with another or with ourselves, we cycle back to our connection with spirit, to the safety and protection of being grounded in the earth and open to the sky. We let go of any need to cling to another person to experience the bliss of this union. The beauty of this path is that once our bodies have experienced the bliss of the deeply connected divine union with another, we can return to that again and again through our connection with spirit. Because there is no scarcity of love in the universe, we can draw on this whenever we want, only now we are not drawing from another person, we are drawing from source.

Practicing With or Without a Partner

Many of our clients complain that they have no partner to practice with, or that their partner is not interested in practicing tantra. It is perfectly acceptable to practice tantra alone. In fact, traditional tantra was first taught solo, to allow the student to master the complex spiritual practices of breathwork, energy movement, and meditation before coming into union with a partner.

In shamanic tantra, we work to bridge our beginning point into the heart of sacred sexuality. For those who are more spiritually inclined, solo practice is often the place to begin exploring, because it is what is most comfortable. If you are practicing solo, I encourage you to try self pleasuring with the exercises once you are comfortable with the practices, BEFORE you move into practicing with a consort. For women, I often encourage they use some sort of sex toy for self pleasuring, so that it is an effortless practice, and they can concentrate on the breathing and balancing practices they have already learned.

If you are coming into shamanic tantra from a place of wanting to enhance your sexuality, then consort practice is a great place to begin, and slowly begin to bring the practices into your lovemaking. Like any other new endeavor, it is best to begin slowly, with the more simple exercises, and then progress into more complex work. If you are extremely sexual and do not have a partner, then begin by slowly introducing the gateway practices into your masturbation. Especially if you are using a lot of fantasy to become aroused, a large part of the work will be to learn to be fully present in self-pleasure. This can be difficult for some, and the ability to climax in your traditional way may elude you. This is natural in light of the fact that you are rewiring your pleasure centers. Learning to drop into and allow each touch to be arousing and to let go of the goal of orgasm leads eventually to a place where sexual arousal becomes larger and richer, and orgasms begin to take on an intensity and duration previously unknown.


Sasha Rose

My name is Sasha Rose and I am eagerly anticipating spending some quality time with you. I find that sex, sensuality and intimacy are a way of being, not just a collection of techniques or instructions to do part time and separate from everyday life. Sexual energy is the most powerful force on the planet and why not tap into our own potent source so we can create a limitless and enriching life! I am a sensual alchemist whose curiosity, desire and exploration of the topic have allowed me to raise my own consciousness and guides me to explore the true nature of what holds us back from living a life of ecstasy.

With a background in psychology, massage therapy and Eastern Healing Arts, I bring an extensive collection of approaches to create and expand a deeply intimate and fulfilling experience.
I’m a mistress of Tantric touch and have studied with both Tantric and the Taoist masters to:

  • Look at orgasm and sexual arousal in a fresh new way
  • Expand your private sensual practices
  • Awaken a new type of pleasure in your body
  • Move sexual blocks
  • Bring ritual and depth back to our sensual practices

Life should be an orgasm….Let’s start a revolution (one session at a time)!!

I recently attended my first session through the Red Lotus Temple and was naturally rather anxious and nervous, not knowing what to expect. Before giving details I can say I had one of the best and most amazing and enlightening times ever !!

Violet and I had a wonderful introductory chat after I signed up. She was reassuring, calm and happy to answer all questions. She was efficient, prompt and very informative with her emails.

Most of my nervousness disappeared that way but the real test was the actual meeting and session with Sasha Rose. I cannot compliment Sasha Rose enough.

A wonderful, safe and enriching place, with an energetic ambiance welcomed me. Sasha is gorgeous and a warm and caring person. She is extremely knowledgeable about what she does. She has a lot of theoretical know-how of the discipline of Tantra and was happy to walk me through the steps.

We began with breathing exercises and connecting on a different level and then completed the rest of the session which I don’t want to give too much details about because you should experience it yourself!

I will say it is one of the most unique experiences you will have. And you can clearly tell Sasha Rose knows what she is doing. She is gentle, compassionate, and on a different level with her “gyaan” or knowledge.

I sincerely look forward to completing all the steps of the course and being further enlightened.

Since the session I have more energy, more confidence, and a greater awareness of my surroundings and the little things in life that are so beautiful.

Thank you Sasha Rose and Violet !

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The Multi Orgasmic Man

Any man can become “multi-orgasmic”.

It only requires a basic understanding of male sexuality and certain techniques.

Most men’s sexuality is focused on the goal of ejaculating, rather than on the actual process of lovemaking. Once a man becomes multi-orgasmic he will not only be able to better satisfy himself, but also more effectively satisfy his partner. 

Multiple orgasm versus Ejaculatory orgasm. Both begin in the same way, moving from arousal until a point near ejaculation or “point of no return”. At this point a man will experience a series of genital contractions lasting three to five seconds. These contractions are “pelvic orgasms” and at first feel like a “fluttering” or mild release of pressure. Once identified and controlled, these sensations will become progressively more intense. When approaching “the point of no return” the goal is not to crest over into ejaculation but to decrease stimulation, just long enough to gain control over the arousal rate. Effective control can be achieved by squeezing the PC muscles. Learning to control the PC muscles is essential to sexual health and stamina.

How is multiple orgasm possible? The first key to understanding how men can have multiple orgasms is to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are distinct events, which one can learn to distinguish and separate. Most men have always accepted orgasm and ejaculation as one because they happen in such rapid succession, orgasm beginning slightly before (ejaculation) then tapering off during ejaculation. The second key to navigating the path to multiple orgasm is gaining the ability to separate orgasm and ejaculation. The ability to separate these events involves the pubococcygeal muscle, or pelvic floor muscle, or “PC muscle” as it’s more commonly known. You may know this muscle for its ability to stop the flow of urine in mid-stream. If stopping the flow is difficult, you have a weak PC muscle. If this is the case you will need to work on strengthening the PC muscle before you’ll be able to have multiple orgasms. If you squeeze or contract the PC muscle you should feel like everything deep in your pelvis is being drawn upward.

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