Membership has its benefits. Red Lotus is a temple devoted to the tantric arts of life and love. Sacred sexuality the melding of spirt and sex. Using and refining energy to create bliss on earth. To live a more connected life to our sex and in turn to our own body.

Our dream to create firstly a virtual temple where seekers and practitioners can connect. Canada’s first tantric community for the sacred tantric arts. Secondly, to create a sanctuary where seekers can meet, learn, grow and thrive.

Our collective of practitioners have devoted themselves to learn their art. Each practitioner has received their Red Lotus tantric practitioner certification and is receiving on going mentoring and training.

Red Lotus temple memberships allow us to work with seekers in a private membership agreement. WE DO NOT WORK ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC. You must become a member to book an appointment with a practitioner. This is for your and our protection. Red lotus temple tantra practitioners are true goddesses and healers, not escorts.


Please read our policy page to understand our privacy, security and confidentiality policies

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