Red Lotus Temple of Tantra provides a working knowledge and inner tradition of Goddess Religion through the ancient spiritual practice of Tantra, honoring the female as a form of the Divine, and sensuality as a path to enlightenment. Their shared values are love, affection, genuine relationships, music, poetry, being in touch with nature, and the interconnectedness of life.

Their truest, deepest values are those which transcend the mind, and delve into the irrational world of feeling and the deeper layers of life. This is one of the reasons the teachings of Tantra are so precious. They offer us a glimpse of a world with great reverence for magic in the natural world, sensuality, pleasure, and ourselves as divine.

Our sacred intimacy practices are drawn from modern sexology, somatic psychology, ceremonial arts, Goddess honoring magical traditions, and an ancient science known as Tantra, whose spiritual disciplines work directly with sensual energy.

Our temple priestesses are spiritual guides with the training and skill to help you raise this energy, transmute energy and become integrated in mind, body and soul. We invite you to join us for private immersions into the world of the Ancient Temple Priestess. Temple members enjoy invites to full moon and new moon ceremonies created to create magic and bring community together.

Red Lotus Tantra specializes in Tantric Massage, offering Tantric Rituals, Healing and Private Tantra Sessions, Couples Tantra individual sessions and Red Lotus Tantra Massage Practitioner training. Experience a unique combination of traditional Holistic Massage Therapies entwined with the sacred art of Tantra and Tantric Massage.

Our aim is to enlighten by sharing the essence of Tantric and Taoist spiritual arts including the techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, also the techniques that cure many sexual dysfunctions. We specialize in the treatment of sexual abuse issues and sexual dysfunction. We are widlely regarded in this area and have received many referral clients from sex councellors and sex relationship therapists.

Tantra can even become a way of life, transforming every aspect of the self. At Red Lotus Tantra it is our mission to make these practices accessible to everyone; we all have the right to these ancient Tantric tools to change our lives whether we are young, old, male, female or anything in between!