Tantra Practitioners Training

If you ever wanted to enter the world of divine spiritual bliss and become a sacred healer and teacher of ancient sexual and spiritual secrets then Red Lotus Tantra is for you.

This highly charged, spiritual, energetic domain is for wonderful men and women who feel that sacred and spiritual sexuality is their calling. That they are able to pass on ancient and modern knowledge to assist people to better their lives, to enter into a more conscious state with their sexuality and educate them in techniques for ejaculation control, sexual enhancement, body dynamics, and a sensual Body Temple Massage.

Practitioner Training involves intense training in facets of Tantra, Massage, Energy work, Mental and Physical preparation, Chakras, Pranayama, Philosophy and history of Tantra and other essential areas of Tantra bodywork.

You will be certified and able to practice your qualifications either at your own premises or can be potentially employed by Tantra Centres around the world.

  • Become a practitioner in the ancient Art of Tantric healing.
  • Become a certified practitioner in the sacred sexual arts.
  • Heal others as you empower yourself and your clients.

This most powerful and natural energy in the body is our sexual energy. Unfortunately, within modern society, sexual energy is often projected outward in a rush for precarious enjoyment. This leaves the body depleted, mind agitated and the soul disconnected.

Sacred Sexuality practices’ were once common place in Ancient Societies, proving to show that in ancient times, issues like premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, depression, performance anxiety were virtually non existent. in modern times, this is fast becoming the new way of approaching our sexuality, this program will teach you to assist your clients to overcome these issues. .

The Sexual Energy is always young, fresh, new and powerful. The principles of Tantra seeks to liberate your mind and body from the limited perceptions of the ‘norm’, and allows you to become one with the divine in your lovemaking. The beauty of the discipline of Red Lotus Tantra is that it can be performed by an individual or a couple, male or female, and the skills learnt can be taken with you for the rest of your life.

As a practitioner of Red Lotus Tantra, you are assisting your clients to heal wounds, overcome blockages, learn sacred sexual techniques of pranayama, body dynamics and a powerful sensual body to body temple massage, surrendering to the power of conscious lovemaking. When taught, and when learnt, Lovemaking can be a form of communion and giver of divine knowledge and powers.

Suitable for dance instructors, Massage Therapists, Body Workers, Healers, and other Holistic Modalities.   Learn to work in harmony with your clients and allow healing to occur naturally. Guiding clients to learn how to be aware of and facilitate own Qi within their bodies.  The balance of Yin and Yang in healing and working as a healer. Self care as a healer and business skills. Tantra works with life force energies and divine elements in cleansing the Chakra System, and powerful breath work to open up channels in the body & facilitate vitality, growth & power.

Tuition fee for the certified Tantric Practitioner Training Level One is as follows:

  • The 4 day hands on training.
  • Coaching/menotoring to learn the skills and solidify what you learnt in the hands part of the training is available  after completing the training
  • Work with Red Lotus as a Tantra Practitioner and receive a $500 credit towards your training after completing a 6 month appreticship period

Early bird fee is $1500 (valid only if full payment done 1 month before starting date)

Regular fee $1600


It is necessary for all participants to be familiar with the concepts of creating and taking responsibility for their own life-experiences. All applicants should be aware that there will be nudity and sexual touch.

If you are considering taking the course in order to practise professionally:

Previous experience in massage, or another holistic or body centered therapy is not essential, but is useful.  If you do not have any pre-training knowledge or experience with working with clients in a holistic therapy, and also do not have a solid grounding in tantric practise, spirituality and energy work, it should be considered that you may not be proficient to practise professionally following the course, and that further training and personal development will be necessary due to the deep nature of this work.

It is highly recommended that you pay a reputable practitioner for a professional tantra massage before embarking on this training.


Please note that in order to ensure a high standard of training and experience for all concerned, potential participants are screened as part of the application process.

The nature of the work we will be doing is sexual and spiritual, and as such deals with some of the most challenging areas of the human experience. Personal issues may come up and we ask that each participant take full responsibility for their own experience.  The course emphasis is on training, and is not a forum for therapeutic processing of individual experiences.  By enrolling, all participants are agreeing to commit fully in the course and to take full responsibility for their experience. Your boundaries are always respected.

If you wish to apply, please email us, along with details of any experience you may have in tantra or the holistic field and please tell us why you are interested in taking the course. We promise to get back to you within 72 hours.

Class Structure

Class structure and format is subject to change depending on group dynamics.

Daytime: Covers learning and practicing the rituals and applications that comprise giving a full tantra massage session.

Evenings: We will be going over other aspects, such the supplies needed for tantra massage, room prep and settings, music, theory, promotional and business, talking to clients etc.

One-on-one practice during the course is required. Some homework and additional course study material will also be given.


All participants are given a Red Lotus Tantra certificate of attendance and completion of Practitioner Training in Tantra Massage at the end of the course. This is not given as a professional recommendation and authority to practice.

Certificate for Professional Qualification

This is an additional process and fee that may be chosen as an add-on to your course.  Please make a request at the time of booking for this to be considered.  Certification will only be given after successful evaluation and this will be based not only on course work, but will additionally require homework and receiving & giving tantra massage with submission in writing of case studies. The time scale for this will be agreed on an individual basis and cannot be more than 12 months.

Fee for Evaluation for certificate of Qualification: $900