Before Your Session

It’s important to come to our session comfortably full. Not too hungry, not too full. Think about what you would like to get out of our time together. Feel in your body what it would feel like to manifest that – just play with it – have fun with it.

When You Arrive

Discretion and confidentiality is always provided. You are welcome to take a quick shower when you arrive. We will go over again briefly what our session will entail to create a safe, comfortable environment together.  It’s great to have a nice big glass of water before we begin. A hydrated body is a happy body.

After Your Session

You’re probably going to have a lot more physical energy once you start exploring Tantra. Consider this energy your new best friend. Don’t resist it or try to control it. Say Yes to it, flow with it, breath into it, create with it. If you feel inspired about something, do it. This is highly creative energy you are working with so it’s natural to feel really psyched and ready to rock-n-roll. Use it to take your life in new exciting directions. If you resist feeling a lot more energy in your body, you’ll probably feel agitated and cranky. So, enjoy it. Work out more, get out and love your life.

What Is Tantra?

Tantra views the physical body’s capacity for heightened sensation as a positive experience that can greatly increase the quality of our lives. The definition of energy is a source of usable power, the ability to act, vitality. Science is now proving what spiritual teachers have known for thousands of years, that everything is energy.  In Tantric practice, the intention is to refine and amplify our awareness of this power, both in our bodies, and in the body of our partner.  When all of this vitality is opened up we can experience a profound increase in well-being on all levels, a relaxed, alert mind and robust health.

Sensuality is experiencing this energy through the senses, appreciating the joys of this energy making itself known through sensation. Joy is a feeling of delight so deep and so lasting that one radiates, and  spontaneously expresses, happiness and fulfillment during the journey, not just at the destination.  Experiencing that level of fulfillment on a regular basis can be tremendously  valuable for the health of your body, mind and spirit.  It is also a gift you give to yourself and everyone around you.

How is a Red Lotus Tantra Session different from a regular sensual massage?

Trust me, we love a great sensual massage.  It is a deeply rejuvenating and healing modality. We wanted to take it deeper, to blend in principles and simple practices of Tantra into sensual bodywork that kept all it’s sensual goodness while adding the benefits of the meditative arts of mindful breathing, energy circulation and full body blissful awareness. These practices are simple, safe, and fun.

It is an art form perfected over the years. During a Body of Bliss Temple massage session, you will be very gently guided in these meditative practices during a delicious high quality sensual bodywork session. The benefit of this over just straight sensual bodywork is deeper relaxation,  a greatly extended ecstatic sensation that you feel throughout your entire body, and a greater feeling of replenishment and revitalization. Sacred Tantra Men + Sacred Tantra for Women are based on Tantric principles, the practitioner is also practicing the mindful breathing, the energy circulation, and blissful awareness at the same time the practitioner is giving you the bodywork. We experience everything that you are – we are meeting each other in the same place while the boundary of giver and receiver remains clear.  It is a warm, revitalizing, replenishing experience.

What Should I Know About the 90 minute to 2 hour Tantra Session?

Sessions range to very educational to mainly experiential. Sometimes you may really be in the mood to take in a lot of great information during the practices and other times you just want to be lead. And, that can change from session to session.  The reason that we don’t outline exactly what a session looks like is simply that it’s different for everyone.  As stated above, what is great for one person isn’t right for another person. That’s why we have studied so many different healing modalities, Reiki, Tantra, Taoist, massage therapy, Thai Yoga massage.

Expect to be gently guided and corrected throughout any session.   We’ll work a lot with stepping out of habitual ways of being around your sensuality in every session so it’s important to always be open to guidance and feedback.  We understand it can be a very vulnerable place –  We always keep it light and positive.