We believe sexuality is a source of energy that can be used constructively, directly for personal and spiritual awareness. Tantra can provide a perspective from which to integrate soulfulness of sexuality with deep connection with a beloved forever bringing renewed passion and compassion to a relationship.

Tantra can bring the elements of harmony into all aspects of ourselves, body, heart and soul. Tantra brings us closer to unifying the material, emotional and spiritual nature in our world and thus in ourselves.

Tantra is much more than just about sexuality, it is about living with positive possibility and developing a deeper loving connection to the world.

If you would like to contact us via email use redlotustantra [@] gmail.com

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Appointments require 24 hours advance notice.

Please be prepared to provide us with verifiable background information on yourself, as we do have a screening policy.

Booking a Session

In order to book a session please fill out a session request  (on the next tab) so we can give your appointment request consideration. Please know that we do request that you have a consultation with our booking agent. We do need to know that you are safe and a true seeker.

We are not your traditional sort of studio that offers just a a so called tantric massage. Our temple is a collective of women and men that know and understand the subtleties of healing with sexual energy. Our work is difficult to classify when it comes to licenses and what we really do.

Secondly we require that you come a member of Red Lotus Temple as we do not work with the GENERAL PUBLIC.  You can do this simply by using the form (on the third tab) this page. Please know that we do not receive your address as part of the confirmation. Your credit card recipet will show RL Consulting.

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