Red Lotus applicant/screening for New clients, students & sacred seekers of divine love & bliss:

Please allow 24 to 48 hours advance notice to book you desired time. We are not able to book same day appointments. 

We are available to sincere seekers of the sacred. This is not your standard FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage), rather, this is a magnificent Sensual Journey igniting your Kundalini & aligning your body with your heart & soul.

This is a quest which leads one “home” to the Holy Source of Love, to the Fountains of Bliss & Exquisite Divine Remembrance. Absolutely no Sexual Full-Service or any Illegal offerings are available through the Temple and its practitioners. Tantra, Massage, Healing & Counseling only.

Not everyone who calls is coming from the highest of intentions.
We screen in order to provide a safe sanctuary for you to unwind & leave the cares of the world behind.
We create an optimal environment for true shamanic-tantric blossoming to occur.
Please fill out the form below or prepare the answers and call us.