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We are a friendly, female led team with a great sense of humour and an honest approach to sexuality and pleasure. We have decades of experience of tantric practice and always delight in training other

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Tantra Practitioner Training

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Embrace the exciting career path of sacred sexuality

Are you wanting to expand your healing potential and work with people in a more holistic and intimate manner?

Is tantra something you feel an affinity with or is the power of sexuality a force you have always known to be deeply healing?

Are you ready to become more grounded in your feminine sensuality and ability to show others the way to their own truth?

Learn the tools to create a life that is rich with spiritual connection, abundance and gratitude and become comfortable with the ever changing cycles that make a woman who she is – in all her beauty.

Training & mentoring is available to the right candidates and the Red Lotus Tantric Temple is committed to helping, supporting, training and developing every practitioner while he or she is with us.