Security and privacy are essential for us both to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. As independent practitioners it’s necessary for our safety and security that we verify everyone with whom we may meet. With that said, our discreet and painless screening process can be done over the phone. Your privacy is our number one priority and any information you share with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

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Review Policy

We consider our time together as special and unique to us, and as such, the details of which have no place on sites that include graphic descriptions of intimate encounters and standardized ratings. Our service is not geared to those who select providers on the basis of reviews, forums or discussion boards on public sites. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us- We will always respect it and we ask that you respect ours by honoring our NO review policy. We approach every session with integrity, consideration and discretion and have always had the good fortune of meeting those who value these qualities in us.

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We do take same day appointments, but it is best to book in advance, if you can. We accept bookings by phone or email, we do not accept text messages.


We confirm all appointments the evening before your scheduled appointment. At that time we will give you directions along with instructions about how to arrive to your appointment. Please confirm at this time.


When we agree on a meeting time, the practitioner sets that time aside solely for you. We expect the same in return. Should something change and require 24hrs advance notice or a cancellation fee of 50% of your rate amount.


There is nothing special you need to do to prepare for our session. It’s best to not eat a heavy meal beforehand, do not consume alcohol, drink coffee prior to our session, as this helps with energetic flow. When receiving a tantric bodywork please make sure you are freshly showered prior to the session. Do not wear cologne or fragrances for the session.


Being freshly showered immediately prior to our session is a plus however if your schedule does not allow, you are more than welcome to freshen up before our session.


For your comfort, a shower with fresh towels along with a varied selection of bath products is available to you before and after your session.


We are discreet. In return, we ask for the same from you in our phone, correspondence and contact in general. As we do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will not be tolerated and we will be forced to end our communication.


We often get asked whether it is ok to touch the masseuse. We do suggest that you experiment with totally letting go and being entirely passive. You may be pleasantly surprised. This is much more than a sensual massage and the stirring of inner energy within you can be far more powerful if you can learn to totally go within yourself. If you have been conditioned to believe that it is important for you to reciprocate by touching the masseuse, it may be hard for you to let go of those concepts. Touch is by invitation only!


Our Tantric Massage uses a blend of principles from Taoist and Tantric teachings, working with an individual’s energy. This is a subtle process, which is helped by the person receiving the massage, being able to totally relax and let go. That is why we keep techniques to a minimum and allow the energy to do its work spontaneously. We do, however, teach you breathing exercises, meditation practices which help to relax body and mind and can be helpful for premature ejaculation.

Secret of our Tantric Massage

Apart from the fact that we are qualified tantra practitioners, we have also been meditating and genuinely practicing a spiritual path, for many years, so our attitude is the result of tantric and Taoist initiations and teachings from respected Masters, as well as years of disciplined practice. A true tantric practitioner should have developed a certain awareness and self-understanding and spent time either studying the teachings of the great masters, or spent time in their company.

Part of the secret is to experience the inner stillness which lies within each one of us. This may sound simple, or even boring to some, but it is the hardest thing to do. When the mind is cluttered with thoughts, one does not really experience what is happening within the body. When the mind slows down, our mental tendencies such as fear,anger and stress can be seen more clearly and can then be transcended.  In this way, we begin to understand ourselves more deeply and become more connected and whole within yourself.

We encourage you to forget goals, targets and techniques, which dominate our modern lives and also your pre-conceptions of what you think you would like.This attitude will help to quieten the mind and you will fall naturally into a sort of state of meditation. This is the state in which something truly magical can take over within you.

True sensuality lies within – and is not reached through outer titillation. You will have to experience this for yourself – it cannot really be described in words. This is the secret magic of Tantra.

Sexual energy is the basic energy within us. It becomes counter-productive, when used wrongly – ie. in an angry person, the energy bursts out as anger, but when sexual energy is completely turned within, it eventually leads to the state of samadhi (enlightenment).

The moment of orgasm is the closest most people come to communion with their inner being. We hope that our tantric massage will give you a glimpse into the true meaning of Tantra – a taste of your true inner nature – the experience of ecstasy in the body,compassion in the heart, emptiness of mind and blissfulness of spirit.