Red Lotus Tantra is a collective of awake and deliciously loving Tantra practitioners!

­­­We are skilled in sensual Art of Tantra, willing to share with others the techniques and blissful interaction that has provided much fun, connection, and fullness in our lives. Here to open you in ecstasy. The greatest benefit is the awakening of an inner joy that you may have never known. You become able to open your heart to yourself at a deep level.

Simply, in all our offerings we co-create a magical dance of intention and surrender, where every moment is flowing with grace, every breath and thought is a prayer, every movement is a choice of letting go, and in every touch, a ritual. The whole body, the holy body, is a sacred temple. It is the marriage of spirit and matter, creating life.

We approach our bodywork in reverence to the divine mystery dwelling within each of us. In our sessions you will receive the nurturance, divine unconditional love, awakening, healing, and/or transformation that is perfect for you. We are a group of skilled Tantrikas and tantrikas in training, here to open you in ecstasy. The greatest benefit is the awakening of an inner joy that you may have never known. You become able to open your heart to yourself at a deep level and make changes in your life that are aligned with your heart’s desires. In addition, by gaining mastery of your sexual energy, you manifest loving and fulfilling relationships, expand your capacity for spiritual ecstasy, and improve your health and vitality.

Tantric Massage  & Coaching

  • Awakening the heart-genital energy connection,
  • Learn Tantric Erotic Touch
  • The power of breath for full-body multiple orgasms,
  • Integrating sex and spirit. Love as a spiritual practice,
  • Channeling sexual energy for personal and planetary healing,
  • Ejaculation mastery & non-ejaculatory orgasm for men.
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Any intimacy or sexual issues
  • Pleasure without a goal
  • Many men and women have never experienced erotic touch from another person, free from the worry of demands for something “more sexual” in return.

Tantra Sacred Massage allows the seeker to drop deeply into his/her own body without any goal, without any pressure to become completely present, the body enabling you to receive exactly the touch you desire.

Tantra Sacred Massage is free from the “goal” of having an orgasm. You are free to surrender to the sensations in your body without the worries of meeting someone else’s expectations allowing your fullest, orgasmic, loving self to emerge.

Ecstatic bliss, deep contentment and physical pleasure are not luxuries but available for you to experience NOW. We offer the most highly qualified experienced and beautiful therapists that are trained with our unique authentic tantric massage series.

Relax into Bliss and Beauty where we offer Red Lotus Tantra Sessions encouraging you to go within, so that you experience the stillness of mind which is your true nature, and the flow and vibration of your inner senses, which are far more subtle and infinitely more powerful than the outer senses.

Tantric massage has many benefits. It is a supremely enjoyable, relaxing yet energizing, a total body massage – and can also lead to deeper self-awareness, understanding and sexual health. A series of progressive sessions that build upon each other, teaching you facets of tantra and sacred sexuality.

Please note : We offer genuine Tantric Therapy, and teach Tantric techniques to improve people’s love lives and relationships. We aim to promote an integrated and whole sexuality. We are NOT a massage parlor and do not offer sexual services. For more clarification please see our Etiquette page

Tantra Massage

Red Lotus Tantra offers fully trained tantric practitioners and holistic therapists. More than a profession, Tantra is a vocation, a sacred calling to the enriching life path that our beautiful therapists have chosen to walk. Experienced Tantric Practitioners do not perform ordinary template massages, mechanically enacting 2 strokes of this, 3 of that etc. Instead, each ‘Goddess’ works intuitively with every client to tune into their needs, their desires, their dreams.

The session gets off to a gentle start with a little chat to establish your aims, enabling the Goddess to shape the session around you as an individual.Tantric Massage Treatments encompass all aspects of our being from the physical to the emotional, working in line with the wheels of energy in the body or Chakras, using breath, meditation, visualization and the mind blowing power of transformative touch.

Tantra Therapy

Tantric therapy, changes the way people view sexuality to experience sexuality in a deeper and more sacred way, a way difficult to put into words, something that can only be felt. Tantric Therapists teach techniques to improve peoples lives, to help them have deeper more cherished relationships, which in turn leads to mental well being, marriages that last and children living in happy loving harmonious home environments.

Tantra teaches people to enjoy and explore using their whole bodies as creative tools creating inner happiness, releasing stress, mentally balancing, emotionally balancing and generating healthy amounts of ‘happy’ endorphins.

Tantra and Tantric Massage

At Red Lotus Tantra we understand Tantra is a Spiritual Philosophy, it originated in ancient India and Tibet. Tantra entwines the Spiritual and the Sexual, honouring and celebrating the divine magic that creates life in an energetic form, Incorporating many mystical practices to bring the male and female energy into dynamic balance.

Tantra can even become a way of life, transforming every aspect of the self. Tantra benefits the body and mind in numerous ways, liberating the often untapped energy we each hold within us, enriching our creativity, stimulating the endorphins or “happy hormones” we all produce, improving our sex lives, our relationships and our entire mental and physical well being.