Sacred Tantra Practitioner Training – Details

“Wisdom through Alchemy of the Heart”

This is a practical hands-on course.

The course will take you through learning how to facilitate a session from start to finish: room preparation, client procedure and vetting, boundaries and agreements, rituals and massage of a full session, closing and follow-up. The course includes an easy to follow manual for the massage step-by-step strokes and techniques as well as other study material, exercises and information.

We have condensed the practical experience of many years of emotionally satisfying, intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding work and want to pass it on to you.

We will cover skills that will prepare you to be an outstanding professional DAKA/DAKINI, such as to:

* Deepen your personal healing which is essential to be a clear channel for the wisdom and love of the Goddess during your work.
* To set good boundaries that will help avoid “hooks”, both in your own relationships and with clients. You will enjoy being fully present and engaged with clients without becoming enmeshed or depleted at the end of the session.
* Retain your full awareness and power even when some behavior or comment of your clients could cause you to react emotionally.
* Identify when you lose your full awareness of the present moment and shift your consciousness into the present.
* Notice when a client is ready to accept your input and what to do it the readiness is not there
* Have the flexibility to choose the best approach suitable for each man, woman and couple. We will studies and practice lots of real cases (obviously changing their identity) to give you a wide range of choices.
* Individualized practice program for your own powerful breathing (Pranayama), body’s strength and flexibility.
* Use clear, compassionate communication to be warm and effective with your clients.
* Enhance your ability to conduct sessions that nurture, fulfill, heal the split between sex and spirit, transform and enlighten.

What you will be able to transmit to your clients in the Tantric Healing sessions to:

* Expand sexual expression into lovemaking and lovemaking into a harmonious and spiritually aware life.
* Understand nonverbal communication.
* Open your clients up to specific verbal non-defensive, supportive communication to use with their lovers.
* Recommend practices to your clients so that they can retain and deepen what they have learned.
* Use the most appropriate breathing modality for your clients for each different occasion and purpose. These are the most important ones: Ocean Breathing, Complete Breath, Charging Breath, Fire Breath, Chakra Breathing, Harmonizing breath, Alternate Breathing, Orgasmic Reflex breath, Cobra Breath

* Soul Gazing
* Techniques to Awaken and clearing Chakras
* Nurturing Techniques
* Setting up a Ritual Space Energy Exercises, such as directing the life force, expanding aura, running energy, drawing sexual energy to heart and crown;
* White Tantra (Yoga positions with concentration on different Chakras)
* Traditional Language or the Tantric Arts (bandas, mantras, mudras, Kundulini, etc.
* How to free and harness Kundulini

Specific Sexually Oriented Content
* Tantric massage with intention
* Modalities of Movement to prepare the body for expanded energy flow
* Modalities of Kissing
* Modalities of Touch
* Self-Pleasuring with consciousness and love
* Sexual Anatomy
* Exploring differences and similarities of Female and Male Sexuality — Releasing Blocks — Sexual Healing How to honor the Goddess (God)
* Yoni strokes
* Lingam strokes
* Lovemaking Positions
* Ejaculatory choice
* Multiple Body Orgasms
* Sacred Spot Work for Woman and for Men for healing and to increase pleasure

TANTRA beyond explicit Sex

* Chakra clearing with light, breathing and sound
* Various Meditations to achieve different definite results
* Skills of Empowering Communication on all levels
* Methods for safe clearing of emotions
* Sensuous Dancing
* Rituals based on both White and Red Tantra
* YAB-YUM meditations for Positive Sex Magic or Transformative Lovemaking

• Marketing strategies, including how to set up a web page that reflects your special style
• Create an efficient system of office management and follow up sessions.

In this course we will cover just enough theory to understand the practical aspects and actually translate all into practice: I have distilled the experience of 15 years (both as a intimacy coach and a Tantric facilitator) and put it in a package that you can easily assimilate.

Who is this training for?

The training is open to all men and women, both singles and couples who feel drawn towards professional work in Tantra. The course however does not necessarily have to end in the professional qualification as this is optional. Those wishing to qualify as practitioners need to complete the practical work (10 supervised massages) and a final assessment. This is optional and if after the course you do not wish to do this, you will take all you experienced and learnt in the course into your private life.

General Info

9:00 Morning Hatha Yoga practice for building up the energy for tantric practice
10:00 Teaching and practice sessions
1:00 PM Break for lunch
2:30 PM Teaching and practice sessions
5:30 PM Conclusion of the day / Evening activities and dinner / on weekends additional teachings until 8:00 PM.

Group size:  6 – 10 participants in a private venue

Tuition fee for the certified Tantric Practitioner Training Level One is as follows:

  • The 3 day hands on training.
  • Coaching/menotoring to learn the skills and solidify what you learnt in the hands part of the training is available  after completing the training
  • Work with Red Lotus as a Tantra Practitioner and receive a $500 credit towards your training after completing a 6 month appreticship period

Early bird fee is $1500 (valid only if full payment done 1 month before starting date)

Regular fee $1600

    Personal boundaries

    Nudity is necessary in this training, partly because tantric massage is given and received naked and partly because we work with hot oil. Being naked is not an erotic component of the massage, it is simply “reducing” us to our natural state whereby we are all on one and the same level. The flow of the massage strokes is thus supported. Personal boundaries are always respected. It is our intention that you feel comfortable with all aspects of the work. Explicit sexuality is not a part of the work.

    Work ethics

    The work is professional, respectful and loving. Olivia’s long experience of working with groups psychotherapeutically, comes into full play as she  creates an atmosphere of confidence and trust, an atmosphere of acceptance in which you feel comfortable to explore, learn, strengthen and grow.  You will be given extensive notes on the background and history of Tantra, tantric massage and Ayurveda as well as the massage sequence itself.