Inara Jade Tantra Vancouver

Location: East End, Vancouver BC
Hair: Dark Brown – Long wavy
Measurements: Curvy

Likes: Shiny things, shoes, flowers, dark chocolate
Dislikes: Lateness, rudeness, cold weather
Interests: Movies, drawing, art, dance, going deep, kink

Session Specialty

Body of Bliss Massage
Sacred Tantra for Men
Surrender Sessions
Fantasy Sessions

Inara tantric massage vancouver3I am a bold, brazen, voluptuous  brunette with smokey almond shaped eyes.  My curves are abundant, overflowing, and are the epitome of femininity. My body is fantastically firm, curvy and responsive, an absolute delight for the true connoisseur of curves! A 40 G cup. With Maltese heritage, who loves to laugh and enjoy stimulating conversation. My charming personality and bubbly laughter that will leave you feeling light and elated.

I am a gifted and intelligent woman who is discreet and refined and also cultured and talented.

My tantric services are suited to those who wish to find a deep connection with a woman who loves to love and to be loved, who enjoys to nurture and give a full hearted approach to the time that we will spend together.

I studied the art of Tantra under the guidance of Olivia Jade and have been a practicing as a Tantrika for several years now. I also provide Dark Tantra if you so desire.

I am confident that I can provide the sensual healing to kindle your spirit, awaken your mind and restore your body.

As a Tantrika I delight in taking the time to relish in the beauty and the natural way that tantra heals you inside and out; like a slow dance, relishing in each moment as we create a connection that flows and leaves you with a renewed energy and sense of self-assurance. You will also find it elevates your personal and professional well-being.

I eagerly look forward to meeting you, learning you, and loving you.
Inara Jade