Ankhara Vancouver

Hey, my name is Ankhara
Tantra is the most natural thing in my life, the weave that pulls the different threads into something unified and harmonious.

I practice Tantra for the most basic reason: it works! Every day, the personal development industry is coming up with new, exciting, and “marketable” ways to evolve, but I haven’t found anything that beats the wisdom of our ancestors.

To me, Tantra is not just for the bedroom, and yoga is not just about getting sweaty on a mat. They are the water that I swim in, the paper that my map of reality is written on, the keys which open my inner door to Spirit.

All of this has cultivated a passion in me for sharing my love for the Divine, with you.

“Tantric massage allows me to work with your sexual energy in an emotionally safe and clean way. It’s not a two way street, it’s a service, and for me as a practitioner, a way to be in service to the Divine.”

What that means is you get to completely relax and have your experience without thinking about giving to me sexually, because there is no sex, just my hands and guidance taking you to a safe, tender place. It feels awesome, and fuels your healing and self-connection.

The biggest barriers experienced by women are:

  • Feeling unsafe or traumatized; feeling there’s no space where they can completely relax and be held, protected, and nurtured.
  • Feeling that there’s something wrong or dirty about their sexually and their body.
  • Tension and trauma held in the Yoni (vagina) which prevents fully experiencing pleasure, possibly even preventing orgasm.
  • Feelings of not being good enough; not deserving of nurturing, tenderness, and pleasure.
  • Feelings of heaviness, depression, anxiety, and heavy menstrual cycles.

The biggest barriers experienced by men are:

  • Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low confidence, stress, anxiety.
  • Lack of intimacy, connection, and self-sensitivity.
  • Inability to connect in a subtle way with themselves and their bodies.
  • Fear of tenderness and vulnerability.
  • Tension in the Lingam (penis) and pelvic region.

Tantric massage can help you to overcome these limitations, because your body is a sacred gift which deserves to relax, release, connect, and experience pleasure. My life is dedicated to opening you to experiencing the gifts and pleasures of your body. If you’ve experienced sexual trauma, Tantric massage may be especially healing for you