Sensual Embodiment, Tantric Ritual & Sensual Massage

Red Louts Tantra sessions are designed to meet each individual’s wishes and needs, but have a common path. We understand the importance of treating each client as an absolute individual in body, mind and soul and therefore offer a program that is tailor made to suit your needs, goals and personal capabilities rather than one that follows a strict routine or set out structure.

This session begins with an introduction to 5 core Tantric fundamentals through a ritual that explains breath, eye contact, energy alignment, sensual adoration, and other sacred sensuality practices that heighten intimacy between two people.

The session will begin with some basic breathwork to help you relax into the space and connect with your goddess.  She will then guide you into meditation to help you build an understanding of the main principles of tantra and taoism as well as the concept of kundalini.  From here your awareness of self will be deepened as you learn sacred breathwork to cleanse the body, activate the senses, balance the emotions and invigorate the mind.

Your goddess will then open your heart connection with an intimate breath of trust, nurturance and surrender, finishing with a light touch from the goddess over your entire body, heightening your skins sensitivity.   This first part of your sesesion is one of the most important and can take up to 30 minutes, including the initial consultation.  From here you will be led to the massage table to continue your sacred tantra experience.

Together we will awaken your senses, open the energy channels of your body, and prepare you to receive a sacred erotic massage in the manner of a salacious artist creating a sensual masterpiece with the Beloved’s body.

• you would like to learn more about the basics of Tantra and Sacred Sensuality
• you have a deep desire to align your Mind, Body, and Spirit
• you desire a deep(er) connection in a body work session
• you would like to expand your awareness of your personal sensual energy
• you would like to receive guidance to become a more gifted, sensually aware man and lover

Our Introductory sessions revolve around a beautiful sensual massage on a massage table.  Because we tailor make each session the following is just a guide on what to expect.  Your session may include some or all of the following:

  • Intro to Tantric and Taoist Philosophy
  • Intro to Kundalini Awakening
  • Mediatation and Visualisation
  • Awareness of the Microcosmic Orbit
  • Techniques for attuning to your lover
  • Chakra awareness and balancing
  • Pranayama or breathwork
  • Yogasana or posture
  • Body Dynamics and Body Flow
  • Intro to pelvic floor awareness
  • Intro to pelvic floor parts – Vajroli Mudra, Moola Bandha and Ashwini Mudra
  • Ejaculation controlling techniques
  • Injaculation techniques
  • testicular breathing
  • Sexual enhancement techniques for foreplay and lovemaking.
  • Taoist love meridians and pressure points

For the most thorough introduction possible we highly recommend a 2hr session on your first visit.  An added bonus of a 2hr session is that it concludes with an experiential element (see below) of the goddesses choice, giving you a taste of whats to come in subsequent sessions.

At the end of any Introductory session you will also receive notes and home practice exercises to take away with you.  Our aim is not to hide the knowledge we have but to share it with all of you and enrich your lives in a permanent way.

Sacred Tantra Session
Session DurationSession Rate
1.5 hour$300
2 hour$400
3 hour$600
4 hour (1/2 day)$800

Traveling to you, if you would like the convince of a practitioner travel to your hotel there is a standard $100 travel fee added to session. 2 hours minimum session.

*Membership is mandatory in Alberta

Surrender – Dark Tantra

Dark Tantra session we will explore breath, touch, eye gazing and energy flows in an interactive, experiential experience. As well as sensation play, bondage, and power& surrender dynamics. Creating connection by looking deeply into each others eyes and entraining our breath.

What is Dark Tantra?

It’s using the techniques of BDSM and Tantra in a synergistic fashion. In Tantra you utilize all of your senses to enhance (bring attention to) the mundane to create sacredness and experience the profound. In BDSM its using power and surrender in a dynamic way. As well as sensation to evoke, tease and ride the energetic waves. Plunging the depths of mind, body and soul.

What we don’t offer is: hard-core pain, marks and bruises, high pain, humiliation, ball-busting, or torture.

These sessions are perfect for those who find it hard to let go.  They are done Blindfolded, allowing you to deepen your connection with self and enter into a state of total surrender to your goddess.  These sessions begin slowly, one step at a time, peeling back the layers of control you have imposed on yourself and your life.  Without learning the art of surrender you will never really reach heightened states and will continue to face life and love from a place of distance rather than intimate closeness.

It can include sensation play, toys, gender role reversal, strap on play, light dominance, light bondage, foot worship, and conscious fantasy exploration.

All of this is done with a Tantric healing intention and facilitates the integration of all of our desires and “darker sides”.

If you are familiar with BDSM, Tantra brings a whole new level of depthfulness and expansion to our time together. It’s all about connection.

Since we do not use extreme forms of disipline, it is suitable for those who are newbies or do not wish to visit a dungeon with a Pro Dom.

1.5 hours – $375
2 hours – $500
3 hours – $750